Pedigree for BISS GCH CH Voldemort at Chekrd Des Oursons du Vent

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

METUF7421/02 - Skippers Emperior King of Helluland

WP78509204 - CH Pouch Cove's Goliath

WP44176308 - CH. Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu

WP389400 - The Bombardier

WP295728 - Tabus Seabrook Nobelle

WP55520501 - CH Pouch Cove's Objection Overruled

WP48100501 - Kilykas Benediction

WP34702102 - Pouch Coves Rendition

SPKP1104 - CH French Fries King of Helluland

METUF5755 - Midnight Lady's Great Expectation

36985-1 - Twillin Gate Quomandor

METUF868/93/1950489 - Midnight Ladys Diorissimo

SPKP887 - Midnight Lady's Gold Sensation

LOIDS123288 - Owasco Zero Hour 3AM

MET6916/H/96 - Mount Cook Nugget Nini

LOF033032/06200 - Thickish Newfoundland Key of my Heart

LOIDS01/88296 - I will always love you

LOI99/19524 - Earthquake

LOIDS171712 - Main Tickle Kirie Eleison

LOI98/18834 - Edelweiss

LOIDS98/148241 - Main Tickle Uhura

LOIDS185303 - And I´m Great to Be Back

SLRNF001562 - Main Tickle Frankly Speaking

LOI99/4052 - Thickish Newfoundland Globeflower

WP389400 - The Bombardier

WG318617 - CH Barharber's Just West of East

WF821292 - Tabu's Pooh Bearabella

LOIDS187739 - Tala Bears in the Teeth

WP47762603 - Barharbers Moonshadow

WP475574 - Britannias To The Manor Born