Pedigree for GCH CH Old Bay's Cool Hand Luke at Belle Harbour

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

WS19065002 - Muddy Creek's Carson

WR07193301 - Twillin Gate Award to Win

LOI99146173 - CH Pouch Coves Navy Cut of Cayuga

WP38208903 - CH Pouch Coves Call of the Wild

WP809119 - Cayuga Cheyenne at Robber Baron

LOSH843341 - Twillin Gate You Too

LOIDS123288 - Owasco Zero Hour 3AM

LOSH701167 - Twillin Gate Quintana

WS02032502 - Muddy Creek's Carlie

LOSH789837 - Twillin Gate Urgently

37200-I - Twillin Gate Quenneth

LOSH654899 - Twillin Gate O'Scarlett O'Hara

WP98506801 - Muddy Creek's Bolero

WP77093901 - Muddy Creeks Max Factor

WP81711705 - Muddy Creeks Cher of Old Bay

WS15133909 - CH Old Bay's Hellfrozover Topshelf

WR06775203 - CH Top Shelf's On The Rocks

WP67001902 - Numa's Had To Be Pouch Cove

WP57996901 - CH Pouch Cove's Matter of Fact

WP31637010 - Pouch Coves Numas Tiani

WP90931007 - Top Shelf's Star Daisy Do

WP78509203 - Darbydales Keep 'm Guess 'n

WP70330301 - Top Shelf's Baileys Irish Cream

WR04971009 - CH Top Shelf's Wild Night Out

WP92628102 - Top Shelf's Just a Tad Tipsy

WP26335202 - Pouch Coves All American Amity

WP53691601 - Top Shelf's Chevas Regal

WP88091201 - Top Shelf's One for the Road

WP57538705 - Kilykas Daddys Dakota Sport