Pedigree for GCH Chekrdflags French Kiss for Belle Harbour

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

WS13696201 - Ch. Mtn-To-Sea Southpaw Bearonpkwy

WR07534703 - CH Cypress Bay IMAT Cornerbrook

WP78509204 - CH Pouch Cove's Goliath

WP44176308 - CH. Seabrook's Headmaster Tabu

WP55520501 - CH Pouch Cove's Objection Overruled

WP92125506 - CH Darbydale in Style at Cypress Bay

WP86028001 - CH Midnight Lady's Especially for you

WP785092-01 - Darbydale's Shake'm Up

WS03025002 - CH Tippecanoe's Mt. To Sea Mia RA

WP98854401 - CH Fleur De Lis To Be Bazaar

WP64033701 - Top Shelf's Nightcap

WP91213601 - Cayuga O-Hara

WP84166102 - Firewater's Bobbi Ann Mason

WP558018/02 - Firewaters Lord Winston

WP579433/02 - Firewaters Phoebe Snow

WS20002101 - Ch. A Taste of Honey des Oursons du Vent

LOE250269600383 - Very Interesting De La Baie De Pempoul

LOSH609501 - Ch. Spring creek's Go to fairweather's

LOIDS185303 - And I´m Great to Be Back

DKK10880/99 - Cannon Bears Tribute to Chili


WP755343/01 - Main Tickle Forbidden Planet

DS185304 - Any Chance for You

LOF032442 - Umpa Lumpa Des Oursons de Vent

METUF5530/01 - Ch. Midnight Lady's my heart goes boom

WP331457/03 - Jubilees you're the top

METUF618/98 - Midnight Ladys Hand Painted

LOF028996/05903 - Int. CH Sweet Virginia des oursons du vent

VND00412-I - Tallships Skipper of Bearbrook

LOSH855148 - Newf Mermaid Yulebear