Pedigree for Bear-Acres Girl in a Country Song at Belle Harbour

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents

WS44112702 - CH Bear-Acres It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

WP871629 - BIS CH Ironwoods R. Naish Ebontide

WP451865 - CH Ironwoods Tyson Test of Time

WG354028 - Ch Dalkens General Patton

WF940224 - CH Ironwoods Promises Promises

WP539636 - Ironwoods Applause On Cue

WP35533003 - CH Ironwoods Classy Sam

WG448986 - Anasazis Chloe of Rumrunner

WS19261307 - CH Bear Acres Reflection of Hope

WR7372602 - CH Egebaek's After Eight

39795-1 - CH Hannibal Di Borgoleonardo

DKK1402299 - Egebaek's Vanilla

WS11796402 - CH Bear Acres Blackberry Wine

WP97322601 - CH Bacchanal's Razzmatazz

WP89239504 - Bear Acres Precious

WS45342401 - CH Bear-Acres Always On My Mind

WS21098803 - CH Avalon Bey's Dante's Rainbow

wp83391906 - CH Council Cup's Dante's Alibi

WP57996901 - CH Pouch Cove's Matter of Fact

WP57930107 - CH Council Cups Alibi Palmisano

ws12343801 - Avalon Bey's Ray of Light

WP62197008 - CH Seabrook Bacchanal Port

WR02986702 - Stargazers Cassiopeia Over Hatteras

WS34876106 - CH Bear-Acres It Matters to Me

WR06923201 - CH Mooncussers After Midnight

WP77698301 - Pouch Coves Spins A Dream

WP77571101 - Mooncussers Set Sail

WS04871408 - Bear-Acres Wendy

WP89427403 - Avish Meadows Tony

WP99562506 - Bear-Acres Old Gal Sal